About us

Mr. Marc Heidenthal


Founder of SUNRISE REAL ESTATE. He has created over the course of many years, a recognized reputation for professional seriousness in the real estate sector of the south of Gran Canaria. His clients recognize very well his kind way of working and helping in all areas of the interprofessional relationship, analyzing their wishes and needs to channel them correctly to a perfect option for their needs. By regularly attending seminars, conferences and professional training, as well as working closely with law firms and consultancies, he has acquired extensive experience in various areas such as inheritances, donations and various tax issues to ensure a professional response to his customers.

Languages: Spanish – German – English
Position: Director – Managing Director – Real Estate Agent

Ms. Silvia Jensen


Secretary of SUNRISE REAL ESTATE from 2011, responsible for the rental department. Our clients value her extensive knowledge in different types of leases and her friendly manner relationship with the clients and owners, she has the ability to analyze the needs for the client and comply their wishes thanks to a good collaboration with other estate agencies.

Languages: Spanish – German – English
Position: Secretary – Head of Department of Rental

Mr. Gino Heidenthal


Son of the founder of SUNRISE REAL ESTATE, working from 2014 responsible for head of marketing sales and social networks. Through his sustained interest in all aspects of the real estate sector, he was able to achieve a deep knowledge in a short period of time. His kind and competent way of working is not only appreciated by our customers, but also our partners of other agencies.

Languages: Spanish – German – English
Position: Real Estate Agent – Head of Marketing and Social Networks

Ms. Monique Threinen – Heidenthal

Wife of the founder of SUNRISE REAL ESTATE, the soul of the company and head of the department of Housekeeping, Lifestyle and Home Design. She helps you to renovate or decorate your new property, so that it becomes a personalized home, fulfilling all your needs to ensure a well-being during your stay at your property. For a most comfortable stay in Gran Canaria, she offers different maintenance concepts and services which are adapted to the needs of each of the clients.

Languages: Spanish – German – English
Position: Housekeeping – Lifestyle und Home Design


  • Customer request analysis in our modern office
  • Property search through functioning network with international real estate agencies
  • Membership in the most important Real Estate Association of the Canary Islands ACEGI and the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain AHK-Spain
  • Trilingual customer service (Spanish, German and English)
  • Continuing professional training
  • Professional assistance for tax and legal matters
  • Help with obtaining required documents
  • Notarial securitization at selected, multilingual notaries
  • Comprehensive After-Sale Service


Our clients benefit from a long experience in the sector and a wide network of collaborators. We can gladly recommend banks, lawyers and tax advisors who advise you with the payment process during the sale and your tax obligations. Also, whether it's insurance agencies, construction companies, registration of your car or finding a suitable school for your children - we try to help you in all aspects. We gladly provide you with information, advice and local suggestions.

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